Copywriting & Content Design


You can't overstate the importance of effective writing.

As a brand, what you say and how you say it can be the glue which holds each area of your business together. Throughout your advertising, social media, communications and customer services, telling a clear, concise and compelling story is the most effective way to grab and hold your audience's attention. 

Online, you have the flexibility to step beyond words, utilising a range of tools, including images, video and infographics to create impact and bring your story to life.


I've been writing and designing content for world-leading brands for thirty years. If it's a tagline, a social post, well-constructed and Search Engine Optimised web content or a lengthy article you need, I'm pretty sure I can help.

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Tone of Voice & Brand Language


What's your brand like? Serious, playful, accessible, exclusive, inspiring, confident, fun...?  With so many voices competing for attention, it's more important than ever for brands to speak with a clear, consistent voice and a recognisable personality.

I can help you translate your brand's values and attributes into a distinctive Tone of Voice. We'll work together to explore, test and define what really works and then create a comprehensive, accessible guide to ensure that every writer in your organisation can replicate that voice with confidence and ease.

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Press Kits


I have a great deal of experience in writing and designing functional but impressive press kits and media communications. The key is to anticipate everything that a reporter might need to provide you with the best coverage possible - and then over-deliver.

From content to design and presentation, we can work together to tell the whole story - and create a whole load of impact.

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Speeches & Presentations


Delivering an enthusiastic and articulate presentation, supported by the right audio-visual material can be one of the most powerful ways to tell your brand's story.

If it's a key sales meeting, a major announcement to your staff or a leading industry conference, I can work with you to create a memorable and motivating live experience. We'll scope out the content and the tone, design the right visuals and put everything together in the way that's right for you and your delivery, be it a longhand script or bullet point prompts. I can even coach you through the whole process and help with your rehearsals.

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Sales Materials


Case studies, presentations, email marketing - and possibly a good, old fashioned brochure or sales kit... Arming your sales team with the assets they need to win more deals is how you'll grow your business.

I've worked within some consistently high-performing sales departments and provided successful commercial marketing services to both business launches and established brands. I can collaborate with you to develop a whole portfolio of sales enablement materials, providing your team with everything they'll need throughout the sales process to set them up for success.

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Your website sits at the core of everything you do. It's where you tell your story and where your brand can really shine.


As well as researching, drafting and organising all of your copy to create the most compelling content, journey and user experience, I can go a step further and deliver a complete website for you.


Depending on your requirements, I can work with my design and development contacts to build your unique site - or I can create something for you using the flexible and inexpensive platform.

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